Online Poker

Poker is definitely a game of skill. The cards help, but better players can take a lousy hand and make it good with their ability to bluff his/her fellow competitors. In order to be successful at poker you need to practice and improve your game by playing against good competition. Good competition does not mean the best, but rather players that are similar to your skill level. Remember to be patient! Poker is not a sprint over time you will be able to take advantage of competitor's mistakes. Like all online poker players I care about bonuses, so as a word of advice I'd recommend staying away from the large poker sites. Sites like Poker Stars and Full Tilt use a large portion of their revenue to pay for advertisements all over the world and sponsorships. In order to maintain a reasonable level of profits they stiff you, the customer, by offering little to no loyalty bonuses!


Gaming Site Bonus Reload Rake Per
$1 Bonus
Network Rating
Tower Gaming Poker 500% up to $2000 No $8 Yes Ongame 4.5
Doyle's Room 110% up to $550 No $16.67 Yes Cake 4.5
Full Tilt Poker 100% up to $600 No $16.67 No Proprietory 4
Everest Poker $200 No $10.20 Yes CryptoLogic 4
Paddy Power Poker $150 up to $600 No $30 Yes Playtech 3.5
Prime Poker 100% up to $500 No $10 Yes Ongame 3.5
Pacific Poker (888) 100% up to $400 No $10* Yes Proprietory 3
Bodog Poker 110% up to $550 Yes $10** Yes Proprietory 3
Poker Stars 100% up to $50 No $25 Yes Proprietory 3
Chili Poker 100% up to $600 No $20 Yes Playtech 3
Titan Poker 50% up to $200 No $60 Yes Playtech 2.5
Tiger Poker $25 up to $100 No ?** No Playtech 2.5

Note: Every site calculates Player Points to clear bonuses differently, so this is not a fair way to judge how easy a bonus is to clear. The "Rake per $1 Bonus" is a superior way of comparing bonus clearing rates. The worst case approximation (in terms of you, the player) was always used because most sites have multiple rake levels.

*Pacific Poker calculates your Points based ONLY on the amount of rake you contribute to the pot. All other sites listed above (excluding **) distribute Points equally based on the total rake of a deal.

**The Point contribution method is not discloses on the site. It could be either by individual rake contribution or total rake contribution for a deal.