Online Casino

1. Manage your bankroll

Just like playing poker or placing sports bets, never bet more than you can afford to lose! When youíre at an online casino your peers cannot see if you are high-roller or not, so donít try to be what youíre not. Placing large bets and losing them will lead to chasing. Chasing your bets to recoup the money youíve already lost is never a good idea, as youíll almost always wind up losing more! Placing larger bets are required to hit larger jackpots, but at the same time youíll ALWAYS lose more than you win in the long run. The house always has an advantage, and over time your net win percentage will equal the odds. For example, if a casino pays out 96% you can expect to have net losses totaling 4% of youíre total dollar amount bet.

2. Know the rules and payout structure for all the games you play

Most sites provide information on all the various games they offer. If you donít know how to play a certain game and want to learn, this is always a good starting point. Make sure to learn the rules, betting structure, and payout before playing a game for the first time. If you canít find information about the games a site offers, change to a new site. They do this so that you have no idea how to play, increasing their chances of taking your money!

3. Practice with play money

After you have read about a game, and you are interested in trying it, make sure to play it first with play money before betting your hard earned money. A little hands-on practice goes a long way in the casino world. I recommend doing this for every game you play Ė donít give the house an even bigger advantage!

4. Play with confidence

A confident bettor is a bettor who understands the game he/she is playing, and does not get rattled by the ups and downs. Your emotions say a lot about your confidence level. Like poker itís advisable to keep an even keel. Though confidence does not translate to wins, it does ensure that you are not giving the house another advantage.

5. Have fun!

Your casino experience should always be a fun one, win or lose. The house has the advantage in the games so it is unreasonable to assume you will always come out on top. Enjoy the excitement and thrills of the games!